Healing Horses

TitanSummer Program Aims at Helping WNY Youth

If you have been around horses for any length of time, you know the healing power they have.  The light that they can shine is why we are starting the Healing Horses Summer Program.  The monthly program will help at-risk, under served youth in Western New York gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn responsibility, trust, patience and respect all while learning about how to care for draft horses, the gentle giants.

While other programs in the area bring together horses and children with special needs, our Healing Horses is unique in that the draft horses that the children will be working with may have a story similar to theirs. Many of the equines at our facility have had to overcome physical and emotional obstacles such as medical aliments, neglect and abuse. We believe that the common life experiences will forge a bond that will help the children overcome the obstacles in their lives.

The program will take place monthly from May – September and consist of 45 minutes of interactive learning, 45 minutes hands-on experience with the draft horses, 30 minutes of discussion followed by lunch.

Topics will be the following:

  • May – Introduction to draft horses (history, types and current state of)
  • June – Hoof health (why it is important, parts of the hoof and trimming)
  • July – Horse Health (how to take temperature, listen to heart)
  • August -Training Techniques (natural horsemanship)
  • September -Driving (harness, carts, wagons)

Help A Child Attend Healing Horses

By donating $9.72, you can send a child to one session of the Healing Horses program.  Donate today and change the life of a child.