Are you looking to become part of an organization that makes a difference?  Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue is always looking for like-minded individuals who want to join our team. If you are passionate about ending the plight of slaughter bound draft horses, then we invite you to help in becoming a voice for the voiceless by submitting an application. Volunteers who participate find it meaningful and rewarding to give a voice to the horses. Volunteer opportunities include:

    • Fundraising is desperately needed on behalf of the horses, and is a vital responsibility for all Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue volunteers.
    • Marketing, Events and Publicity: apparel sales, social media, event planning, database management, direct mail, retention programs and graphic design.
    • Horse Care: grooming, hand walking, cleaning buckets and grooming supplies, caring for and nurturing our horses.
    • Recycling Program: We need a team to promote the need to recycle for our horses. The team will collect beverage cans and bottles, take them to either Cans2Cash in Elma, NY or Exchange Redemption in Attica, NY.

PLEASE NOTE: All Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue volunteers start out by getting involved with one or more of the above activities before actually caring for the horses. At times, this can be disappointing if a volunteer has their heart set on working directly with the horses. The majority of Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue horses have been physically, as well as, emotionally abused. This experience for the horses oftentimes has led to intimacy, trust and relationship issues and they are in the process of being rehabilitated, which takes time and experience.