Lifting a heavy burden

We were only able to save one of the seven horses that needed our help

Jesse resting


October has historically been the month when owners contact us to surrender their horses.  The difference this year was, that instead of getting a call or two, we got seven calls.  Seven horses needed a soft place to land and we were only able to help one, Jesse.  What a heavy burden it is to have to make the decision as to who to help.  We know that the likelihood that some of the horses will end up at a livestock auction is high.  We also know that if a horse does go to auction, that they run the risk of being sold for their meat and slaughtered.

The rescue was founded to provide a safety net for horses and an alternative for owners who would otherwise send their horses to a livestock auction.  The harsh reality is that the rescue is not at a point where we can say yes to everyone and it is a reality that eats at me and that I fight every day to change.

My goal for next year is that we are able to help more horses than we have to turn away.  I hope that you will help me reach that goal by supporting more horses like Jesse by donating.